Strategic Consulting

The Becquerel Institute provides strategic advises to actors of the PV and energy sector. It also supports companies from various backgrounds in understanding and identifying the potential opportunities, within the solar photovoltaic sector, matching their strategic objectives.

The Becquerel Institute has a particular focus on the fields of:

• PV markets analysis, including competitiveness conditions, regulatory frameworks and business models

• Market assessment dynamics in established and emerging countries

• PV industry analysis, including local & global manufacturing costs analysis, from the equipment/machinery to the ingots/wafers/cells/modules manufacturers.

• Integration in Electricity Markets and impact of RES/PV on electricity prices.

• Policy analysis and support to policy development.

• Existing and new business models for PV development, in the BAPV, BIPV and utility-scale segments

• Due diligence and project development consulting

• Niche markets strategic support, such as BIPV or EVs

In addition, find here below some key points describing our past and current experience and expertise.


PV Market & Policy Experience:

  • Becquerel Institute has developed a strong expertise in PV market and policies analysis, with experts involved in shaping policies and analyzing market dynamics since 2008.
  • Becquerel Institute is the leading partner in the PV Market Alliance which provides one the best global PV market analysis.
  • We support international organizations and trade bodies for 10 years with PV expertise, and our network on national experts in all regions of the world allows us to provide quality intelligence about PV policies and market development.
  • We have advised the European Commission about self-consumption policies in Europe, as well as most European associations.
  • We have written numerous reports (IEA-PVPS Trends report, IEA-PVPS Analysis of Self-consumption policies, EPIA/SPE Global Market Outlook and more) where we compare policies for PV deployment on all continents.

PV Industry Experience:

  • Becquerel Institute’s partners are active in the PV industry since it shifted from a niche market to a real industry in 2008. With the strongest network of contacts within the industry and a clear understanding of the industry dynamics, we advise decision makers in the industry about key industrial choices.
  • Our deep understanding of PV market development drivers with numerous studies on PV system and module prices development, allows us to better understand the dynamics in a changing industry.
  • Thanks to our strong involvement with industrial organizations such as the European PV Technology & Innovation Platform and SOLARUNITED, the global PV industry and technology association, we have a strong knowledge of manufacturing parameters, at all levels of the PV value chain.
  • We researched through innovative analysis the cost structure and learning curve of the PV modules for all main technologies (c-Si and TF) and their technology evolution.


Corporate References

Here below are displayed some of the companies and multinationals the Becquerel Institute accomplished missions for.





AT Kearney

BayWa r.e.




EIT KIC InnoEnergy

Neovian Partners

RTS Corporation

MINES ParisTech

Desert Technologies


Essent Belgium