SPEMarket intelligence

Becquerel Institute collaborates closely with SolarPower Europe in Brussels to analyze the evolutions of the European and global PV Markets. Becquerel Institute produced the authoritative Global  Market Outlook. The Global Market Outlook 2015-2019 can be found here. The Global Market Outlook 2016-2020 can be found here.

SPETechnology intelligence

Becquerel Institute supports SolarPower Europe in the re-assessment of the PV learning curve and its possible impact on PV LCOE at the horizon 2020. The report can be found here.

Becquerel Institute cooperates with SolarPower Europe in European Research Projects.

EPIAIndustry intelligence

Before EPIA was rebranded in Solar Power Europe, Becquerel Institute contributed significantly to developing EPIA’s business intelligence, including but not limited to earlier versions of the Global Market Outlook, market analysis, support policies analysis, storage market evolution etc.

RTS+Corporation+(200x120)Industry intelligence

Becquerel Institute supports RTS Corporation (Japan) in analyzing the production and shipments of cells and modules from manufacturers active in the European market, including international group.

RTS+Corporation+(200x120)Market intelligence

Becquerel Institute supports RTS Corporation (Japan) in analyzing in detail the evolution of the cost structure of utility-scale PV systems in key European countries, from a CAPEX and OPEX point of view.

SolarUnitedTechnology intelligence

Becquerel Institute collaborates with Solar United to develop its initiative aiming at improving the quality and reliability of PV components and systems and their performances. The initiative has been launched in 2016.

Total-logo-1024x768Market Intelligence

Becquerel Institute supports Total (France) in detailed product oriented market assessments in key European and US states markets.


Aper AsblProject Management

Becquerel Institute is a key partner of APERe, the Belgian Association for the promotion of Renewable Energy, including for the management of the Belgian participation to the International Energy Agency – PVPS program, but also through joint projects in the field of PV development.


sadef_logo_0Market & Industry intelligence

Becquerel Institute supports the Austrian Groep Voest Alpine’s Belgian subsidiary for a market assessment for PV trackers.

EIT-KIC-InnoenergyMarket intelligence

Becquerel Insitute supports KIC InnoEnergy for a training program on PV markets, industry and financing, developed as a set of online courses.



IEA PVPS logo 300Market & Industry intelligence

Gaëtan Masson, Becquerel Institute director, chairs the Task 1 of IEA-PVPS since 2013. Task 1 is a group of PV experts from OECD countries focusing on market, policies and industry analysis. The Trends 2015 in PV Applications can be found here.

confidentialMarket & Industry Intelligence

Becquerel Institute supported a french PV manufacturer in assessing the potentiel of South American markets and reviewing the evolution of the cells and modules industry in the last years.

confidentialMarket Intelligence

Becquerel Institute supports a leading building material and global player in assessing the competitiveness of its BIPV solutions in key European markets.

pv-tpMarket & Industry intelligence

Gaëtan Masson, director, has been elected vice-chairman of the European PV Technology Platform in 2014.

lowcarbonMarket & Industry intelligence

Becquerel Institute manages and operates the reference LowCarbonFacts website providing advanced market, policy and socio-economical information on the Energy Transition to Low Carbon technologies. Visit