Press Release | Publication: Case book SET-Plan Action 4 – Energy Systems Innovation Action A4-IA2.2-5

PV Direct Use on Community Level Cases and Living Labs

All over Europe, project consortia are currently developing new business models and smart Services for energy systems, taking advantage of digital technologies. This development goes beyond R&D of renewable energy technologies. New collaboration and community models are investigated in order to implement renewable and smart technologies as a basis for scaling up and making a significant impact towards the climate and energy targets.

In such projects, new concepts are developed where renewable energy is consumed and stored locally within a certain region. Energy system flexibility options are mobilised in order to optimise the direct use of self produced Energy on a local or regional level. Consumers are playing a central role and get interested to participate actively in the energy systems in order to leverage synergies. In Living Lab environments, they have an active part as co-creators in the innovation process.

The goal of the case book initiative is to give an overview of the stakeholder landscape and of European frontrunner projects. The projects are bundled in the following five thematic clusters: 1. Living Labs and Energy Community Initiatives 2. Energy Trading, Community Models and Advanced Services 3. Energy Grids and Integration of E-Mobility 4. Sector Coupling (heating, interseasonal storage, hydrogen) 5. Blockchain and AI-based Business Models and Services

The now available first edition provides a compact overview on PV self-consumption projects and Living Lab initiatives that are currently in progress or have concluded recently in different European countries.

This project is supported by the Federal Ministry Republic of Austria, Avantsmart and the Becquerel Institute.

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