Partnerships And Collaborations

Market Intelligence

Becquerel Institute is a founding member of the PV Market Alliance (PVMA). PVMA produces probably the most reliable 5 years forecast on PV market evolution worldwide.

Visit PV Market Alliance website here.


Market Intelligence

Becquerel Institute and CW Consulting collaborates together on the prospective analysis of emerging PV markets.


ren21-logoMarket and industry intelligence

Becquerel Institute contributes to the review of the Global Status Report of REN21, one of the leading reports on renewable energy development globally. The last edition of the report can be found here.


pv-tpMarket Intelligence

Becquerel Institute contributed to the study on PV LCOE evolution forecast that was published in 2015. The study can be found here.



Becquerel Institute supported the EU PV Technology Platform and the European PV Manufacturer SolarWorld in the development of a position paper on the future of the European PV Industry on demand of the European Commission’s JRC.



Gaëtan Masson, Becquerel Institute director, is part of the scientific committee of the EU-PVSEC Conference. More information can be found here.


csm_IS_Logo_blau_Schrift_01_42858c957aGaëtan Masson, Becquerel Institute director, is part of the scientific committee of the Intersolar Europe Conference. More information can be found here.



Becquerel Institute and Green Giraffe have collaborated together on studying the impact of PV penetration on electricity markets through the Merit Order Effect. The last edition of the paper is available here.



Market Intelligence

Becquerel Institute partners with IED, a french company specialized in rural electrification and access to energy in emerging countries.


Easy smart grid

Market Intelligence

Becquerel Institute supports Easy Smart Grid in the framework of a prototype of smart grid management.



sft logo wwwGaëtan Masson, Becquerel Institute director, is he chairman of the Expert pool.