Emerging Markets for Photovoltaic Electricity

In collaboration with

The Becquerel Institute, together with PV experts and researchers Chris Werner and Alexander Gerlach, publishes the following study


“Emerging Markets for Photovoltaic Electricity until 2030 and 2050”



  • Recognized experts in the field of solar PV
  • A unique and robust methodology
  • Clear segmentation of the PV capacity 
  • PV capacity forecasts until 2050
  • All numbers are available for every country
  • Evaluation of investment opportunities (in US$)
  • Comparison with other studies on the matter
  • And more !




An ARE report available in September 2017:

The Alliance for Rural Electrification will publish the report before September 2017 at the occasion of the EU PVSEC event at Amsterdam. It will highlight the potential for PV development per country and per region, until 2030 and 2050. It will include the contributions to the fight against climate change and the investments required. This public report will be completed with a full version for sale.

Sponsorship opportunities:

This public report will be printed in 1000 copies and made available in electronic format to reach the largest possible audience. Advertise or support this report and make your company visible to thousands of possible customers and stakeholders in the renewable electrification and PV business.

For more information or any request regarding the report, please contact:

Ling Ng l.ng@ruralelec.org or info@becquerelinstitute.org