By Serge Peeters – Eliosys

EliosysELIOSYS is the unique Solar Laboratory in Belgium proposing extended services to the photovoltaic segment.

Since its creation in 2009, ELIOSYS has been active in the renewable energy market place by testing successively PV modules, solar thermal convertors and finally heat pumps.

In 2010, ELIOSYS confirmed its role in the PV sector by becoming the only ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for PV testing in Belgium (Id: BELAC 432-TEST).

As key differentiator versus the other labs, ELIOSYS selected to work exclusively with steady-state solar simulators and proprietary test equipment. This provides the company with the opportunity to test all PV technologies, to compare them with each other and to bring a concrete support for R&D PV projects.

Not only can ELIOSYS deliver testing services and product certification for PV modules but the company also offers its knowhow to help in PV products selection, in damages and installation expertise, in quality control and performance checks for all customers active in the PV market (including banks and insurances).

Finally, ELIOSYS is also unique for being one of the very first labs to be accredited for electroluminescence (EL) analysis and potential induced degradation (PID) testing, and this is thanks to the excellence and the creativity of its engineering team.

Contact information :

Serge Peeters

M : +32474577914   E : serge.peeters@eliosys.eu   W : www.eliosys.eu