Paula Mints, SPV Market Research – A Vision is more than an extension of the status quo

by Paula Mints, SPV Market Research Changing the way we source energy is now a matter of global urgency.  There is no time to argue over whether natural gas is a relatively clean energy source, or about which developing countries should be allowed to continue polluting in order to catch up with industrialized countries.  There is no time to debate

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“175 Years and 1%”

  When Edmond Becquerel discovered the effect that bears his name, electricity was still a curiosity. He couldn’t imagine, 175 years ago, that the Becquerel effect -better known as the Photovoltaic Effect (or PV)- was about to change the way how the world is powered. But History can take tortuous ways: one generation later, the son of Edmond Becquerel, Henri, received the Nobel Prize in

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