BIPVBOOST | new publications!

The first public reports from the last months of the BIPVBOOST project implementation are available!

1. Cost competitiveness status of BIPV solutions in Europe

Check the extensive and detailed analysis of the cost competitiveness status of BIPV solutions in Europe. A wide variety of BIPV products have been included, assessed in different countries under various relevant business models. The methodology serves a basis for the definition of a BIPV cost-reduction roadmap.

2. Update on BIPV market and stakeholder analysis

The second report focuses on market trends, drivers and challenges. A stakeholder analysis conducted in PVSITES points out the potential optimisation to strengthen BIPV market development.

3. Update on regulatory framework for BIPV

A comprehensive inventory and analysis of regulatory frameworks impacting BIPV systems, both at national and European levels for BIPV project developers. The country-level analysis narrows down to the following markets: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Check the overview of support schemes, costs and fees, as well as building codes impacting BIPV installations conducting to potential improvements for policy-makers.

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